Wholesale Coffee

Alexandros Coffee Shop is involved in the wholesale coffee and has registered its name as one of the most authoritative and top Supplying Companies in the Peloponnesos, for the very high quality products at competitive prices.

Our experience in the field and the huge variety gives a comparative advantage for:
– Possibility of direct selection through many codes
– Correct and informed purchases with what’s new releases
– Full coverage of your needs
– Compare Rates respecting special tariffs for business

We offer:

-Top and consistent quality in each delivery.
-Personalized Taste, which you will choose.

The world of coffee is constantly evolving and so do we to offer our partners high quality. We have the expertise, technology and the desire to meet the new taste needs in a unique way.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the coffee sales, wholesale or retail, food service outlets for hotels and other businesses, do not hesitate to contact us.

We guarantee the best cooperation that suits your business, which guarantees smooth the final result.

At the same time, we continually strive to achieve the best possible financial deal to your benefit.

The deep knowledge and premium technical background both in terms of coffee varieties available to the company Alexandros Coffee Shop can provide companies cooperating coffees unique quality and taste.

Below you can find indicative prices for wholesale sales. The following prices apply for quantity of 100kg order and they may vary depending on the order quantity.


Variety Wholesale Price
Mellow €                                                                   15.00
Dolce €                                                                   12.00
Colombia €                                                                   9.00
Guatemala €                                                                   16.00
Nicaragua €                                                                   16.00
Hondura €                                                                   12.00
Decaf Brazil €                                                                   13.00
Decaf Blend €                                                                   15.00
Brazil dattera €                                                                   12.00
Greek coffee €                                                                     8.00
Greek coffee decaf €                                                                   13.00


For more details on our partnership conditions for wholesale sales please contact us.


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