Alexandros Coffee Shop has a large variety of accessories for making coffee drinks. Below you can see a sample of accessories available in our store:

Able Kone Filter V3

able Kone Filter V3The Able Kone Filter V3 is a reusable filter which is made from stainless steel. The Able Kone Filter offers a better body in coffee than the paper filter. It is ideal for those who want to replace the paper coffee filter.


AeroPress coffee maker

AeroPress coffee makerWith Aeropress you can quickly and easily make a smooth, rich body and tasty coffee. It is enough the coffee to has a thinner grinding and pressing the plunger slowly (at least for 20 seconds). It is very easy to clean. It has 350 paper filter, a plastic pocket for filters, coffee scoop, funnel and a stirrer.


Coffee Dripper V60 01 & 02 Ceramic

Coffee Dripper V60 01 & 02 CeramicIncreasingly popular is the handmade distillation of coffee. And Coffee Dripper V60 01 & 02 Clearthis is because it allows you to control the time and temperature of preparation. The Hario V60 produces coffee just in a few minutes. Because of its design, it is allowed to create a delicious coffee easily, without having barista knowledge. The Hario V60 01 & 02 utilizes white paper filters size 01 & 02 respectively. The Hario V60 is available in plastic, metal and ceramic.


Filter in Bottle

Filter in BottleWith the Filter in Bottle you can enjoy cold tea. For the preparation of, use cold water and results a sweet tea with rich flavor.


Hario Drip Scale

Hario Drip ScaleThe Hario Drip Scale is a scale which measures the amount of coffee, the amount of hot water and the distillation time of coffee, i.e. the three components for the best distillation of coffee.



Latte shaker hario

Enjoy easy frothed milk for your latte or cappuccino.Latte shaker hario



V60 range server 360ml Clear

v60 range server 360ml ClearDue to the conical shape of this, the ν60 range server 360ml Clear reduces the surface and keeps your coffee hot for some time. It is made in Japan from high quality glass.



Pour Over Kit V60

Pour Over Kit V60

It has a Coffee Dripper V60, one pitcher, one scoop and 100 white paper filters.




ν60 Single Stand Acryl

v60 Single Stand Acryl


The ν60 Single Stand Acryl is a base for preparing coffee with Coffee Dripper V60. The Single Stand in combination with Hario Scale Drip accomplishes the production of a proper coffee flavor.



Water Dripper Clear

Water Dripper ClearThe Water Dripper Clear brews cold soft coffee. The classical method of distillation in combination with the cold water accomplishes an aromatic concentrated coffee. You can drink your drink with cold ice or by adding hot water.



Come by Alexandros Coffee Shop,Dimitrakopoulou Street in Tripoli, or call us at 2714 000 204 to give you more information on available accessories.

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