Espresso / Filter Coffee

A blend of an aromatic and fruity coffee. Emitting light spice notes. His body was soft and velvety while its taste is sweet and balanced with moderate to low acidity.

A blend for a soft mellow coffee with a slight acidity. Emits hints of fruit. It has a taste of bitter and milk chocolate.

Thanks to continuous controls by the country, the Kenya Coffee is one of the most qualitative coffees. After harvesting, passes through wet processing. It has an intense aroma with floral notes. Its body is sufficient, leaving long aftertaste. Fairly balanced in coffee flavor, with a slight but pleasant acidity.

After harvesting, the coffee is subjected to the wet processing. It has a light aroma with a slightly sour taste. The body is light to moderate. Some of the trees, give large grains with salty acidity and full body.

A coffee that is subjected to wet processing. It has a smooth and pleasant taste, with medium body and intense sweetness. The acidity is light and it was included in the coffees with the lowest acidity. It gives a balanced coffee in the cup.

The coffee picking is made by hand, after that is processed a wet process and then it dried in the sun. It is very aromatic and fruity coffee. The acidity content of varies each time according to the altitude, but in general is harmonious and with great delicacy. It is a balanced coffee, with correct acidity, emitting notes of spice and chocolate. The body is medium to full.

Ii is an excellent coffee. Produced in wet tropical climate with fertile volcanic soils. The coffee picking is made by hand, after that is processed through a wet process and then it dried for 10-15 days until the moisture reaches to a certain percentage. It has a rich, fruity aroma, emitting notes of biscuit and chocolate notes. The body and its taste is rich, providing a clean acidity. The result is a clean taste in the cup.

The coffee picking of this coffee is made by hand, and after that is processed through a wet process. It has an intensely fruity aroma with a slightly sour taste and complete. The result is a balanced cup.

In percentage of 90%, this type of coffee is processed through a wet process. It has a soft flavor and medium body. Its taste is generally balanced. On the one hand emphasizes the acidity, but on the other hand has a sweet note.

The coffee is available in several varieties. Generally it has a strong taste of red apple, with notes of baked chocolate, and the sweetness of caramel. The body is full. It is quite aromatic and slightly acidic coffee, leaving a lasting aftertaste of chocolate.

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